Edubuntu Lite?

Jim McNelis jimcnelis at
Wed Jun 7 16:38:53 BST 2006

Thanks. Yes I had thought about this, but this would require one to setup a
dedicated Edubuntu server which unfortunately I don't have available at
home. For my situation, I'm seeking a "standalone" solution - if it exists.

On 6/7/06, Tristan RHODES <TristanRhodes at> wrote:
> Perhaps you can install Edubuntu on a more powerful machine, and then
> use the build-in LTSP aspect for the older laptop?  This thin-client
> setup is what allows educators to provide the Edubuntu experience to an
> entire lab of older equipment using a single server.
> Tristan Rhodes
> >>> "Jim McNelis" <jimcnelis at> 06/07/06 9:12 AM >>>
> Thanks for a great distro! I really like Edubuntu and I've installed
> Dapper
> to my old Sony laptop so my kids can play around with it. The only
> problem
> is that even though my laptop meets the "minimum" stand-alone
> workstation
> requirements (it's a P3 500MHz with 192MB RAM, 9GB HD, and 128-bit/3MB
> graphics), Edubuntu seems to really bog the laptop down. The mouse
> cursor
> movement is very herky jerky and menu items respond very slowly. Can I
> reconfigure Edubuntu to "lighten it up"? Perhaps remove certain
> non-essential packages? Change video drivers? Or should I consider
> downloading Xubuntu instead and make it into a  "Edubuntu/Xubuntu"
> hybrid?
> Thanks.
> Jim
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