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Thu Jun 15 17:07:51 BST 2006

Hi everybody,

I've just signed up to the list - I have a job from September this year as network manager in a UK high school (11-18) on a fairly tight budget. I use Ubuntu at home and think it's fantastic and I've been getting quite excited about the idea of moving the school over from their current win2k setup to using Edubuntu with thin clients. In fact, I've been getting far too excited and would really like to use Xen, Asterisk, OpenVPN and a while pile of other stuff that would be far too much too much to do in one go :)

Essentially, my question is - does anyone have experience with Edubuntu/LTSP for around 32 clients? Most of the examples I've seen online are for 10 to 15 machines. Will 4GB of RAM on the server do it, or will that slow things down? It'll mainly be used for running OpenOffice and firefox. Are there any servers you would recommend? Also, is using OpenMosix with LTSP a good plan? I'm looking to make everything as scalable and extendable as possible.

On the client side, I'd be looking to start with the current machines, but move over in time to 'proper' thin clients, maybe the HP t5710 or one of the LTSP branded ones. Any hints / tips / reccomendations?

Many thanks,

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