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Jérôme Warnier jwarnier at
Thu Jun 8 10:02:48 BST 2006

Le mercredi 07 juin 2006 à 10:12 -0500, Jim McNelis a écrit :
> Thanks for a great distro! I really like Edubuntu and I've installed
> Dapper to my old Sony laptop so my kids can play around with it. The
> only problem is that even though my laptop meets the "minimum"
> stand-alone workstation requirements (it's a P3 500MHz with 192MB RAM,
> 9GB HD, and 128-bit/3MB graphics), Edubuntu seems to really bog the
> laptop down. The mouse cursor movement is very herky jerky and menu
> items respond very slowly. Can I reconfigure Edubuntu to "lighten it
> up"? Perhaps remove certain non-essential packages? Change video
> drivers? Or should I consider downloading Xubuntu instead and make it
> into a  "Edubuntu/Xubuntu" hybrid? Thanks. 

I think your problem is most probably the amount of RAM in your server.
I would say that Ubuntu needs *at the very least* 256MB to run nicely,
and using thin clients, this requirement grows immediately to twice that
amount. The processor power is not so important.
Also, on most laptops, the hard disk in not fast, so if it has to swap,
it will be even slower.

> Jim
Jérôme Warnier <jwarnier at>

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