Problem 1/3 LTSP boot on other server

Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at
Mon Jul 31 15:02:44 BST 2006


before I go on, just a small thing.  I think you are mixing up the English
word "I" meaning "myself" with the indefinite article "a", eg. you should
	I got a bicycle for my birthday.
	A got i bicycle for my birthday.

This is not a big thing of course.

On Mon, 31 Jul 2006, Mattias Hemmingson wrote:

> The first is a have i dhcp3 server upp and running and but a want the
> thin clients to boot from a nother server witch is my LTSP server.
> So i tried in the dhcp confile to set next-server to to get
> the klients to boot get ther boot files from that server.  

I'm assuming then that is the IP of your LTSP server.

> But this dont work du a need to share tho boot file directory from my
> LTSP server or somthing like that to get this working ???

Can you post your DHCP config?  Is the DHCP server an Edubuntu machine or
is it something else?

When you say it doesn't work, can you be more specific.  What exactly does
happen?  Do the thin clients not boot, is there an error?


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