Allan amacdonald at
Thu Dec 21 16:36:12 GMT 2006


I have been trying to get familiar with Edubuntu for a month or so now. 
I originally installed a clean Edubuntu 6.1 and had some trouble with a 
larger drive, 200 GB. I finally went to a 40 GB drive, and all went 
well. The LTSP client boot was working correctly at first, from both PXE 
and Etherboot. After installing some applications the other day, 
Eclipse, Java, etc..., I was not able to use PXE or Etherboot. I am 
getting an IP address from the server, as before, but when it gets to 
the Loading nbi.img .., it hangs there. It does something similiar in 
PXE, just a different file loading.

Has anyone had this happen after installing other software?


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