Edubuntu customization

Matthew Armitage Matthew.Armitage at
Mon Dec 11 15:55:20 GMT 2006

Hey everyone, not sure if I should ask this here or on the devel list.
The school district I work for is evaluating the use of Edubuntu in our
linux labs. One of our requirements is that we be able to change the
default session in LDM and remove the session and language buttons. So
far the only configuraton files I have found are the theme setup files.
Where are the configuration files for LDM? Is it even possible in this
build to change these things. If this isn't a possiblility, can Edubuntu
be set to use GDM as the remote terminal login? I realize this would be
less secure.
Thanks in advance for the help guys and gals,
Matt Armitage, SD72 IT Staff
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