edubuntu for day-care centers, philippines

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Sat Aug 19 11:28:52 BST 2006

Will, Jerome & the rest of the list,

Thank you for your thoughts.  Will reflect on them for quite some time.

> > 1. Will edubuntu run "comfortably" on a 64-128 ram?  Should I use xfce
> > as my desktop environment instead?
> Jerome covered this quite well. In my experience, using xfce over gnome on
> an "older" machine made a noticeable difference.

Will probably try xfce there is another I saw on the forum Ubuntu Lite
[1] although its not really an official ubuntu

> Monitoring application usage can be a helpful exercise but can also be
> misleading. Using programme access logs as such does not really give an
> indication of use. Children (and adults too I guess) can have an inquisitive
> tendency to open up everything but not necessarily use it.

Yes, you're definitely correct.  Primary to my intent is to ensure
that the PC's are actually being used by the primary
beneficiaries/users.  Not to discredit IT education in our country and
the capacity of our community partners, but there are some cases here
in the Phil. of projects initiated by the government and some by
philantrophic orgs like PC donation for education not optimally used.
In some cases computer labs are locked and equipment gathering dust
because beneficiary institutions fear that students might damage the

We really want students (especially) and teachers to tinker (and
hopefully crash ;) )  with this machines.

> The effectivity of a PC lab is not best measured by accounting for its usage
> but rather for looking at its intended impact:

Suggestions for this is most welcome.

>  friend of mine put it quite nicely: there are "recipes" and
> "ingredients" in this arena.

Yes, I've been trying to look for this recipes and ingredients as well [2]

> I'll continue to dig around for some resources that might help you.
Please do.  Thank you for  responding.

> jerome writes: I am from Manila btw, we could probably chat some time.
Glad to see more Pinoys in FOSS arena.


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