Sound with Ubuntu/Edubuntu 6.06

Dan McGarry it.psl at
Sun Aug 27 01:42:28 BST 2006

Chris Meissen wrote:
> I've noticed that whether or not I have sound with YouTube videos and
> other web videos is sporadic at best.  Sometimes I have the accompanying
> sound, other times I can go to the same website and video and its silent
> movies only.  Does anyone have any suggestions where and how I should
> look for the solution so that I can reliably get sound all the time?

This is a common problem in Ubuntu. There are two steps required to
rectify it:

- Install OSS drivers:

	sudo apt-get install alsa-oss

- Configure firefox to use them. Add this to your .bash_profile:

	export FIREFOX_DSP=aoss

- Configure asound to use DMIX:


"Sorry, that's three steps. Wait, I'll just start again, shall I?"

Either that, or you can wait until they unravel what is actually a
really knotty problem with the sound driver. 8^/

For details, see the bug report:


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