AMD64 as server...but LTSP clients complain about not being amd64?

Dan Young dyoung at
Tue Aug 22 23:49:12 BST 2006

Vern Graner wrote:
> Dan Young wrote:
>> Vern Graner wrote:
>>> So, before I do a wipe and reinstall of the amd64 server with the
>>> i386 iso, is there a way to get the server to give out the i386 image
>>> via PXE?
> Thanks. :) Ok, so after reading the above (and it raising lots of
> questions that I don't know how to answer i.e. "-isn't LTSP already
> installed on my machine?"

It is in amd64 form, but not in i386 form. The amd64 architecture can
run both amd64 and i386 code, but the i386 cannot, so for i386
terminals, you need i386 binaries. You could probably boot amd64
terminals straight away! ;-) Cross-arch is a pain... The Ubuntu guys
done a tremendous amount of work so far. I know they are working hard to
make all of this as easy as possible.

> "-Install the ltsp-server package on the
> liveCD?" how do I install onto a live CD?!), it appears I will be
> formatting and re-installing i386 on my amd64.

The phrasing is a little funny there. You're not installing onto the CD,
but rather from the CD. You want to download the i386 LiveCD, boot a
terminal with it, mount a directory on your server from the LiveCD, and
install to that mounted directory.

Once you're chroot'ed back onto your LTSP server from an i386 Live CD,
you're actually installing i386 packages on your amd64 server in
parallel to the existing amd64 ones. You'll have /opt/ltsp/amd64 _and_

> ::Sigh::
> <wishing I could trade in 15 years of DOS/Windows/Novell networking for
> a few years of Linux skillz..>

Don't despair! Just takes time... Keep asking questions. The Ubuntu
community is great.

FYI, probably ought to send further replies to the mailing list rather
than me directly. There are many sharp folks there who can help. Also,
might try out the #edubuntu IRC channel at ;-) Real
time help, and it seems like it's more active than the mailing list.


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