AMD64 as server...but LTSP clients complain about not being amd64?

Vern Graner vern at
Tue Aug 22 23:17:38 BST 2006

Dan Young wrote:
> Vern Graner wrote:
>> So, before I do a wipe and reinstall of the amd64 server with the i386 
>> iso, is there a way to get the server to give out the i386 image via PXE?

Thanks. :) Ok, so after reading the above (and it raising lots of
questions that I don't know how to answer i.e. "-isn't LTSP already
installed on my machine?" "-Install the ltsp-server package on the
liveCD?" how do I install onto a live CD?!), it appears I will be
formatting and re-installing i386 on my amd64.


<wishing I could trade in 15 years of DOS/Windows/Novell networking for
a few years of Linux skillz..>


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