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lk cesto at
Wed Aug 16 08:34:04 BST 2006


I'm trying to simulate an Edubuntu lab network using vmware server.
I've installed Edubuntu on a virtual machine and configured LTSP.

Then I've moved to a second virtual machine that should boot from network.

And it boots: the kernel is loaded, the Edubuntu splash screen is viewed.
The problem appears when it tries to mount the root file system: I got a 
lot of errors:

Error opening file: ".devfsd" No such file or directory
Mounting /proc filesystem
mount: Mounting /proc on /proc failed: Device or resource busy
Creating ramdisk on /tmp
mount: Mounting /dev/ram1 on /tmp failed: Invalid argument
mkdir: Cannot create directory '/tmp/info': Read-only file system
/etc/rc:sysinit: line 35: /tmp/info/LOCAL_APPS: No such file or directory
At the end I got this error and the the machine hangs up:
syslogd: cannot write to remote file handle on10.0.0.151:514 systemy 
line starti

Any ideas about this error?

Thanks in advance



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