LTSP network freezing in Dapper

Vern Graner vern at
Wed Aug 2 16:20:16 BST 2006

Gavin McCullagh wrote:
> 2. Something nasty happening on the network.  A lot of repeated flashing
>    might indicate a series of broadcast packets (which go out along every
>    line).

In addition to this, don't forget you can always use Ethereal:

or, as it's now known, wireshark:

to capture a sample of the traffic and see exactly whats happening when
the "flashing" occurs at the switch. Though it is a switched network,
broadcast packets should be visible to any PC connected to the switch.

If the problem is not broadcast oriented (however, having *all* lights
flashing in unison on the switch would tend to indicate this) and your
switch is managed, you may be required to designate a "sniffer" port to
echo the traffic from the server port to the port where your sniffer
(i.e. wireshark) resides. :)


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