Possible LDM Login bug

Matthew Armitage Matthew.Armitage at sd72.bc.ca
Mon Apr 30 21:37:31 UTC 2012

I think I've found a bug (might actually be a feature) in LDM. I've been trying to setup a new Fat Client lab, and I've got a ltsp-server build up and running. Authentication on the fat clients with any locally defined users is working, and I setup CentrifyDC for domain authentication. Here's where it gets interesting; I can login as any domain user with a username made of letters (ex. student), but I'm unable to login with a username made of numbers (ex. 99999999). Logging in VIA ssh directly as the number accounts works.

The client's ldm.log file didn't have any hints (x session started, followed immediately by x session ended), and the auth.log on the server just says authenticated then disconnecting.

The only hint I have is that when I tried to make a local account to test my theory the adduser utility wouldn't allow me to create an all number account. This made sense when I read up on why, but I'm kind of in a bind given that every student in our organization has their student number for their username, and a wholesale change to 5000+ users isn't really in the cards.

Any ideas or local patches I can make to try and make this work?

Matthew Armitage
IT Technician
School District 72

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