Edubuntu 11.10 has been released!

Stéphane Graber stgraber at
Thu Oct 13 13:22:30 UTC 2011

The Edubuntu team is proud to announce the release of Edubuntu 11.10!

This release brings a refreshed desktop environment based on Ubuntu's
Unity while still offering you easy access to the familiar classic Gnome
environment (through the Gnome fallback mode).

As usual, Edubuntu inherits most of the changes that occur in Ubuntu.
Additionally, this release brings you:
 - New updated version of LTSP Live, translated in multiple languages
 - Updated installer featuring translations in over 25 languages
 - A new version of Gobby, the collaborative text editor, now at version 0.5
 - The latest and greatest version 2 of Gbrainy.
 - A refreshed user interface, now based on Unity by default and
featuring a different icon theme and wallpaper.
 - Support for OEM installations of Edubuntu

To learn more about what's new Ubuntu 11.10, you can read the official
release notes at:

The DVD image (also usable as a USB image) is downloadable at:

Installation instructions are available at:

And if you just want to see what it looks like, we have screenshots
available at:

As usual, if you want to try it out, but can't wait for your download to
finish, try it out online on Edubuntu WebLive:

If you already have an Ubuntu or derivative system installed, you can
simply install any additional Edubuntu packages that you would like to use.
Users of Edubuntu 11.04 can also upgrade directly to 11.10, please note
that in all cases you'll get Unity as your new interface, you'll need to
select Gnome fallback from the login screen after reboot if you want a
classic Gnome interface.

This release will be supported for 18 months.

Known issues:
 - Unfortunately, due to Gnome  upstream transitioning to gsettings and
gtk3, we weren't able to include  Gnome Nanny, Sabayon and Pessulus in
this release.
 - Our advanced package selection tool may not appear for users
installing in some languages, in such case, all the Edubuntu packages
will get installed and you'll then need to remove these you don't want
after rebooting to your installed system.
 - When using the Gnome fallback mode, removing a panel will result in a
crash message on the first attempt. After that it works fine.

We all hope you'll enjoy this release!

Stéphane Graber
Edubuntu developer

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