Changes in Edubuntu Developers

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) jonathan at
Tue Jul 5 17:49:27 UTC 2011


This e-mail is to notify the DMB of changed in the Edubuntu
Developers[1] team in Launchpad.

Until recently, team ownership implied team membership in Launchpad.
Since the most active Edubuntu contributors are also on the Edubuntu
Council[2], who owns the Edubuntu Developers team, we've never had much
motivation to do it properly and add the appropriate people to the team.

The Edubuntu Developers have upload rights to the Edubuntu package set.
I'm not sure if a page exists that lists all these packages (otherwise
I'd list it), but I'm sure the DMB members have a way of accessing it.

Yesterday we (the Edubuntu Council) voted on the Edubuntu Developers
mailing list in favour of adding the following people:

 * Alkis Georgopoulos
 * Jonathan Carter
 * Marc Gariepy
 * Stephane Graber

I have just made the changes in Launchpad. If there's any questions feel
free to poke any one of us on IRC or by email.



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