Sugar in Edubuntu 11.04

Guillaume Ardaud guillaume.ardaud at
Mon Jan 10 20:05:05 UTC 2011

Hello all,

My feeling about Sugar is that while it is has many advantages as a
standalone system for the purpose it was conceived (i.e. a kid friendly
netbook), I don't see the clear benefit in having it included in Edubuntu
out of the box.

>From the user point of view, Sugar acts like an OS within the OS, and I see
it causing more confusion than good.

One might argue that software such as GCompris have a somewhat comparable
approach, but at least they do not deal with system related preferences and
do not include software that is redundant with software already present on
the system (browser, text editor, etc.).

And as it has been mentioned, the user can easily install Sugar by himself
if it is needed.

What activities from Sugar do you see benefitting directly Edubuntu? It
might be wiser to find a way to directly make these into standalone Linux
packages (if it hasn't been done already). They would integrate better with
the other applications and the OS that way, and it wouldn't create an
unnecessary gap between the standard Linux applications and the Sugar

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