Getting rid of python-central and python-support for 12.04

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Tue Dec 20 10:05:39 UTC 2011

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On 12/20/2011 10:26 AM, Stéphane Graber wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> One of our goals for 12.04 is to be an LTS, which means supporting
> all of Edubuntu 12.04 for 3 to 5 years. To make that easier, we're
> trying to limit our dependencies as much as possible.
> We already got rid of freemind and geogebra to avoid inheriting all
> of java and it's now time to look at our python packages.
> A quick look shows the following list of packages that we ship and 
> rely on python-central or python-support: 
> calibre 
> edubuntu-menueditor     (python-central) lybniz
> (python-central) opendict                (python-central) 
> python-cherrypy3        (python-support) python-gevent
> (python-support) python-pyparsing        (python-support) 
> python-wxgtk2.8         (python-central) python-wxversion
> (python-central) python-x2go
> (calibre and python-x2go depend on one of the others but aren't 
> themselves using python-support or python-central)
> The idea is to go through the list above and convert the packaging
> to dh_python2 which is the supported way of doing python packaging
> nowadays.
> The conversion steps look like: 1) Check on Debian's side for a
> newer version of the package already using dh_python2 2) Check on
> Debian's side for a patch on the bug tracker that we could use 3)
> Check on Ubuntu's side for a patch on the bug tracker that we could
> use 4) Convert the packaging yourself 5) Submit any change back to
> Debian 6) Upload
> provides some
> more information.
> I'll be having a look at the package list above over the next few 
> days, at least convert any of these packages that's only in Ubuntu
> and look for existing fixes in Debian.
> If you want to help, feel free to pick any of these, just make sure
> to reply to this post so we all know who's doing what.
> Thanks

I just converted and uploaded edubuntu-menueditor.

All the others on the list except wxwidgets2.8 (python-wxgtk2.8 and
python-wxversion) don't have a more recent version in Debian though
they may still have patches available either on Launchpad or on the
Debian BTS.

wxwidgets2.8 has a new version in Debian that uses dh_python2 but it's
a fairly critical library so it's not going to be an easy merge.

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