Edubuntu School Server in a Box blueprint

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) jonathan at
Thu Sep 16 13:35:17 UTC 2010

Hi Jorge

On 16/09/2010 02:44, Jorge Salamero Sanz wrote:
> On Thursday 16 September 2010 04:27:34 Belinda Lopez wrote:
> It could provide: firewall, qos, proxy with content filtering, ldap management, 
> samba, etc and it's already in Ubuntu :)

That would indeed be very useful for schools, but an infrastructure
system would fall more in the domain of Ubuntu Server. It's something we
could work on as part of that, and it could potentially be included on
an Edubuntu server disc at some point, I just don't want to get
overambitious for the next release, especially since we haven't even
really yet decided that we're going to do a server disc for natty yet.

I think it's something worth discussing though, and if we don't do it
for natty, then maybe natty+1. Baby steps :)


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