Edubuntu package inclusion/licensing for sandbox game maker

Scott Howard showard314 at
Thu Sep 9 18:49:20 UTC 2010

Hello Edubuntu-devs,

I'm the debian & ubuntu maintainer of Sandbox Game Maker [1,2]. The
package will be making it's debut in 10.10. Sandbox is a kid friendly
video game design software intended for primary school (and secondary
school) children. They can design RGPs, FPSs, scrolling games, movies,
etc. in a kid friendly (i.e. non-violent, clean) environment. There
are multiple testimonial videos on their site which demonstrate some
of the classes and teachers that use the program [3].

Currently the package is in multiverse, but upstream has been making
good effort to make all the content DFSG. They asked me if their game
maker could be included in Edubuntu. From a user point of view,
multiple schools are already using this program in the classroom - so
I think it could be an interesting addition to edubuntu. It has also
been recognized as a high quality tool, listed as the #5 Indie Game of
2009 at [4]. However, their license is currently very
restrictive towards redistribution - something that they are
considering reworking if it is possible to be included in Edubuntu.

My question on behalf of upstream is: if Sandbox and all the content
can end up in debian main (~300 MB), is this something that Edubuntu
would include in their seeds and DVD? What is the process for Edubuntu
inclusion? There used to be a wiki site explaining it, but I can't
find it anymore.


Scott Howard


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