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Hi Caroline,
   There is indeed a list of edu software, which I believe is mentioned on
their site: (http://www.guadalinexedu.org/)
   This is a pretty massive user group with about 100 support people, 1000s
of servers, and indeed, they just bought 500,000 netbooks this year to
increase their target market to be for students that can take these home at
the end of the day, but which synch with the servers to have the same
software as the people use in the classrooms. Further to that, there was a
speciality piece of software built that would very easily and quickly
identify the netbook being used on the network via name/mac address, etc.
Something similar to telepathy, though they chose to use a xmlrpc lib that
works well with avahi, rather than going through the complexity of the
telepathy framework.
  If it was me, I would have bitten the bullet and chosen to work with
telepathy to do what they chose to do (control all netbooks in a
psuedo-central manner) but I undertsand and respect this is no easy
territory to get involved in. What I do hope is that this is open source
enough that it is available to other Spanish communities and other world
locations, as the process was really worked out to death and they did indeed
come up with something that would work for any network that contained
wireless computers and servers doing the heavy lifting. The second question
about account creation management is indeed part of the system they
developed whereby avahi would pick up the computer and add it group X with
various options turned off or on depending on the system
  I believe the system itself is open source and canbe downloaded
somewhere... matter of looking, but while working for them, they mentioned
several times that they wanted the ability to switch off/on services to be
accesible/used by the netbooks in question depending on username...
The guadalinex-edu installs are totally non-ltsp based, whereas the
extremadura computers area ll LTSP based.
Though I do love the simplicity of LTSP, I have to admit that for a netbook
setup, what the guadalinex folks did, makes the most sense...

kind regards,
David Van Assche

On Thu, Sep 2, 2010 at 4:18 PM, Caroline Meeks <caroline at meekshome.com>wrote:

> Thats very cool David!
> Is there a list of the educational software that Andalucia has choosen?
> Do they have any software for student management/account creation?
> Is it all LTSP or are there netbooks or other configurations too?
> Thanks!
> Caroline
> On Thu, Sep 2, 2010 at 10:06 AM, David Van Assche <dvanassche at gmail.com>wrote:
>> You should probably be aware that almost all of Spain is using Linux in
>> the educational sector with Ubuntu being the leading provider in that area.
>> Every public school in Andalucia (Southern Spain) for example, which include
>> about 5000 servers and 1 million+ computers run Guadalinex-edu which is a
>> direct distro copy of Ubuntu + educational apps chosen for this market
>> sector.
>> Further East, the region of Extremadura, the entire region uses LTSP based
>> Debian for all their public schools. In Cataluña, opensuse-edu is being used
>> for the entire school region, Madrid uses Ubuntu for its public school
>> system, Castilla and Leon uses Ubuntu too.
>> The entire country of Portugal uses Caixa Magica LTSP which is based on
>> Mandriva.
>> So for the Iberic peninsula (Spain + Portugal) I would estimate a good
>> 6-7 million computers running Educational Linux (mostly ubuntu)
>> kind regards,
>> David Van Assche
>> P.S. I manage a couple of private schools in Southern Spain running LTSP
>> Edubuntu.
>> On Thu, Sep 2, 2010 at 3:50 PM, Belinda Lopez <
>> belinda.lopez at canonical.com> wrote:
>>>  Wow - I've already been blown away by the work being done in the
>>> Education sector.  Ubuntu in schools, just makes sense.  Yesterday I was
>>> directed to this great map showing schools in Finland with Ubuntu
>>> deployments:
>>> http://bit.ly/amFiOO  and more on what is happening around open source
>>> there:
>>> http://www.opinsys.fi/en/mista-on-hyvat-koulu-tehty
>>> http://www.osor.eu/news/fi-over-a-hundred-schools-using-open-source
>>> And next week I'm visiting a local school in Houston, TX that has
>>> migrated to Ubuntu/Moodle and lots of other open source offerings.  The
>>> project leaders is also the Moodle Core Contrib coordinator so I will ask
>>> how we can get more folks interested in helping with the technical side of
>>> Ubuntu/Edubuntu.
>>> I'll keep plugging away at coordinating all this great info and have also
>>> started updating some of the wiki pages.  Great stuff folks!  Let's keep the
>>> momentum going!
>>> Belinda
>>> On 09/01/2010 08:05 PM, David Groos wrote:
>>> Nice!  Cool things are happening...
>>> Belinda, I just got an e-mail from someone who was looking to install
>>> LTSP on edubuntu lucid and was asking what he needed beyond the instructions
>>> on this page <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/installlucid> I had
>>> written.  I referred him to this page<https://wiki.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/installLTSPlucid>as well as the
>>> basicsetup page<https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EdubuntuDocumentation/EdubuntuCookbook/BasicSetup>.
>>> From my point of view, a critical resource would be a complete set of
>>> tutorials on setting up a LTSP lab in a school with Lucid.  It needs an
>>> easily-updatable pathway to create a 10.10 BasicSetup page...  With a good
>>> 'Hub' page Edubuntu would be open to many more tech inclined educators...
>>> Good luck
>>> David
>>> On Wed, Sep 1, 2010 at 5:40 PM, Caroline Meeks <caroline at meekshome.com>wrote:
>>>> Hi Belinda,
>>>> You might want to talk to Maine Open 1 to 1 (open1to1.org) they are a
>>>> Ubuntu netbook remix remix that is being used by a couple thousand students
>>>> in Maine on netbooks.  There are also deployments in NH and VT.  They just
>>>> started last year, this year they are working on being more involved in the
>>>> Ubuntu community.  We are also working to put Sugar, which is currently
>>>> being ported to Ubuntu (Ubuntu Sugar Remix) into this remix also.
>>>> I am working with the Boston area Ubuntu community and folks from Tufts
>>>> and Harvard to do a stick based deployment in Somerville where we will give
>>>> families in housing projects refurbished computers and each person in the
>>>> family a bootable USB sticks with Open 1 to 1 (or maybe a different mix of
>>>> software for the parents).  We will work with community computer centers to
>>>> give classes and use these spaces to provide internet access.
>>>> Hope that helps!
>>>> Thanks for doing this work.
>>>> Caroline
>>>>  On Tue, Aug 31, 2010 at 4:19 PM, Belinda Lopez <
>>>> belinda.lopez at canonical.com> wrote:
>>>>>  Greetings all!
>>>>>   I'm working on a short-term assignment to review and update
>>>>> Canonical's Ubuntu in Education resources.  This includes making the
>>>>> various websites easier to use for end user like students, parents,
>>>>> educators as well as solution providers and others who want to do
>>>>> business in the Education market place using Ubuntu and its
>>>>> derivatives.  The Education sector is an important space on many levels
>>>>> to both Canonical and Ubuntu.  I can't make any promises other than it
>>>>> being a personal goal of mine to help drive the adoption of Ubuntu in
>>>>> Education at every level so for starters I'm opening up the dialog with
>>>>> the community on best to use the limited resources Canonical currently
>>>>> has to develop some new content for the following audiences:
>>>>> End users: students, parents, educators
>>>>> School level adoptions: decision makers
>>>>> District/regional deployments; policy makers
>>>>> Solution Providers: those delivering services and hardware to the
>>>>> Education sector.
>>>>> If you have any thoughts on what each audience needs to know please
>>>>> voice your thoughts here or email me privately.  I've also added this
>>>>> item to the Edubuntu meeting agenda to help further the conversation.
>>>>> Also, does anyone have idea of how many schools might be using
>>>>> Ubuntu/Edubuntu? or if there is some place we can ask people to let us
>>>>> know about their schools?
>>>>> thanks,
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