UDS Notes Dump from community session

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) jonathan at ubuntu.com
Wed May 12 16:19:03 UTC 2010

Hi, below is a dump from our notes from the community UDS session this
afternoon, it's unfiltered and raw but we'll put together something
nicer later on...

= UDS Session - 12 May 2010 =



1. What happened during the last 6 months? What improvements do we need
in our
   community and what can we do for the maverick cycle?
2. Edubuntu Advocacy team and getting educators / non-technical users
3. Check existing LP teams and whether it needs re-organising

== What's been happening the last 6 months ==

* New Edubuntu Council (6 new members), Edubuntu teams are now owned by
  Edubuntu Council
* We now have regular weekly meetings (every Wednesday)
* We have an Edubuntu package set where edubuntu-dev team members can
upload to


 * Feed aggregators from user blogs on edubuntu.org

== Edubuntu Advocacy Team ==

 * Maybe a feed on our website for users/teachers?
 * Edubuntu section for Ubuntu Forums?
 * Bring ubuntu-education list to Edubuntu umbrella
 * Edubuntu meetings not ideal for teachers, perhaps a seperate kind of
   for them?
 * A lot of feedback is already given and available, we should check for
   platforms for educator communication and perhaps present Edubuntu there
 * Facebook group specifically for teachers/educators/users/etc - mhall
: http://k12opensource.ning.com/ ?
 * Page for tips and what do do with Edubuntu... ability for teachers to add
   their own tips and howto pages with educational resources

== LP Teams ==

Currently Edubuntu teams edubuntu-council is member of:

1 Edubuntu Advocacy
-# Edubuntu Artwork - Should merge with edubuntu-dev and ubuntu-artwork
2 Edubuntu Bugsquad
3 Edubuntu Developers
4 Edubuntu Documentation Team
-# Edubuntu Handbook Contributors - Should merge with edubuntu-doc
-# Edubuntu iTalc devel team - Should merge with edubuntu-dev
5 Edubuntu Members
-# Edubuntu Menu Editor development team - Should merge with edubuntu-dev
6 Edubuntu Website

== Edubuntu-dev PPA ==

* Make stable release versions for big packages like Gcompris available
* Make users aware of PPA

== Edubuntu Menu Editor ==

== Get our users/partners to tell us what they use ==

* Ask Guadalinex/RL/others to provide us with the list of applications
they are
  currently using and aren't in Ubuntu so we can package them and have
them on
  the DVD.
* Guadalinex will soon have statistics on application usage on 10.04

== Edubuntu target market ==

* Edubuntu is currently targeted at lower-resourced environments, mostly
  primary and secondary schools that seek a turn-key solution.
* Tertiary environments tend to have dedicated sysadmins and IT staff that
  will tailor Ubuntu to their needs and install only required packages.
* Tertiary related packages would fall in the scope of being maintained by
  Edubuntu but not necessarilly included on the Edubuntu disc
* Some of the server-side tools, such as moodle and schooltool may be
  appropriate for tertiary use, it will be included for server task.
  tertiary use

Meta-package for tertiary use is being discussed at:

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