Bible Study software inclusion in Edubuntu seeds

Michael mhall at
Thu Jan 21 03:19:11 UTC 2010

I would also point out that there is (or was) an Ubuntu Christian
Edition that already ships with these programs, plus a content filter
and religious artwork.

Michael Hall
mhall at

On Wed, 2010-01-20 at 20:53 -0600, Scott Balneaves wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 21, 2010 at 01:07:14AM +0000, Dmitrijs Ledkovs wrote:
> > I would like to propose Xiphos for inclusion into Gtk seed and
> > BibleTime into KDE seed.
> ...
> > I do understand the religion is a touchy subject and might not be
> > appropriate for global audience of Edubuntu but I hope that these
> > packages can be recognized and included in Edubuntu seeds....
> While I understand the desire to want this to happen, I think it sets a
> dangerous precedent for Edubuntu, and one which starts down a slippery slope.
> If we include Bible study software on the DVD, then that also means we should
> include zekr (Quranic Study Tool).  What about a Satanic Bible reader?  Can we
> say no to that?  Atheists deserve equal time too, and I'm sure the Church of
> Scientology would love the opportunity to put some educational material on the
> DVD!
> This may limit some countries into which the Edubuntu DVD may be imported,
> because of religious reasons.  Currently, I'm aware of no reason why Edubuntu
> may not be in any country, as at the moment, it's Secular.
> What this eventually devolves into is the Edubuntu Council making judgement
> calls on what constitute 'valid' religions, and what aren't.
> I'm 100% in favour of them being in the archive for anyone to install.  Shipping
> them on the DVD makes a statement of preference that's outside our goals, I
> think.
> I'm speaking for myself here, lets see what the rest of the council has to say.
> It could certainly be discussed at a council meeting, which all may attend.
> Cheers,
> Scott
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