Fwd: Meeting Summary 2009-01-20

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) jonathan at edubuntu.org
Wed Jan 20 20:40:31 UTC 2010

20 January 2010

== Present ==

• stgraber
• highvoltage
• Lns
• mgariepy
• alkisg
• dhillion-v10

== Technical ==

• stgraber thanked all for helping for the alpha2 release.
• We now have an alpha release!
• stgraber has a patch that makes liveltsp possible on the Canonical
build servers, Lamont will probably just have to review/comment/etc
• A bug is filed against ubuntu-cdimage to drop all packages from the
DVD except those required for LTSP and netbook desktop, that should
free up 2GB on the DVD.
• stgraber: been putting lots of work into making upstream ltsp more
stable, hoping to release ..99 this weekend
• alkisg: LTSP 5.2 and edubuntu Lucid will ROCK :D
• edubuntu-desktop doesn't currently work in fat client chroot (hmm,
do we have a bug for this?)
• mgariepy: been working to get dbd working in profilesManager, it's
now working. need to code some glue to manage files and treeview
update. will post to edubuntu-users when packages are available.
• We'll need some example menus for various countries soon.

== Artwork ==

• highvoltage needs to follow up with Mads
• sbalneav is talking to the artist Digital Blasphemy
• If we don't have anything in 2 weeks or so we'll ping ubuntu-artwork

== Website ==

• dhillion-v10: bug count for new edubuntu website is getting low,
site is looking great so far

== Wiki ==

• Edubuntu-Dev Policy Pages, dhillion-10 wants to help
• Wiki Hug day tomorrow
• Having wiki.ubuntu.com AND wiki.edubuntu.org that's the same wiki
confuses people, we should aim to eventually drop wiki.edubuntu.org in
a responsible manner and make http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Edubuntu our
official wiki link

== Project ==

• stgraber became an Developers Membership Board member yesterday \o/
• highvoltage and dhillion-v10 will put together our policy for
edubuntu-dev based on kubuntu-dev and mythbuntu-dev with modifications
to suite us
• Lns: We should become better acquainted with the ubuntu-server team
and hang out in #ubuntu-server more for ltsp and related stuff
• highvoltage pointed out that LTSP already falls under the server
team and that there's quite some overlap, stgraber is quite activer
there as well

Next meeting is same time, same place. #ubuntu-meeting on
irc.freenode.net at 19:00 UTC on Wednesday, 27 January 2009.


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