Edubuntu Council Charter updates

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) jonathan at
Thu Feb 18 14:37:38 UTC 2010


We've received some questions regarding our EC charter and whether we'll 
elect a leader or chairperson for the Edubuntu project. There is also 
question on what we would do in the event of a split vote, since we have 
an even amount of members.

Last night, the EC met and decided that there will not be one specific 
Edubuntu leader, instead, when we need to make decisions we'll have one 
rotating chairperson at every IRC meeting. This person will have one 
additional vote in the event of a split vote.

Additionally, we have decided to increase the quorum from 3 members to 4 
members. The quorum of 3 was decided when we were going to have 5 EC 

The EC has already agreed to the above, the charter been updated to 
reflect these changes. Please review for any mistakes or changes that 
may still need to be made. If there's no problems or feedback I will 
submit these changes in our report to the CC tomorrow.


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