OpenLDAP setup on Ubuntu 10.04 Alpha 2

David Hopkins dahopkins429 at
Fri Feb 5 21:16:49 UTC 2010

On Fri, Feb 05, 2010 at 03:38:03PM -0500, David Hopkins wrote:

> > SO, I'll try following or something the above again even though it also
> has
> > a warning that the instructions are out of date for 9.10.  But with a
> > blizzard heading here today, I'll have to do so later.  If anyone has a
> > simple set of instructions that set up an ldap client, I'd be ecstatic.
> There are none.  LDAP is, by definition, a somewhat difficult topic.

I set up an Openldap server on Fedora and it while tedious, it worked and
didn't seem this difficult.

And ... at the risk of raising ire, while setting up the server can be
difficult, setting up an ldap client should not be so hard.  IHMO RedHat has
it done correctly with a simple GUI, enter the ldap server IP address, click
OK, and you're done.  Doesn't get any simpler.

For Ubuntu, which I really want to use as a replacement for my RedHat
servers and move to LTSP 5 from 4.2, I have now tried the install 3 times
and just the install has behaved differently each time.  Not sure why .. I
installed the same packages each time.

> Best bet would be to stop by the IRC channel and we can debug it.

I can't get to the IRC channel while at the school. The state blocks all IRC
at the firewalls. If I could get IRC help, I'm sure that it wouldn't take
that long to sort out.  I did get ldap to work earlier except that I used
ext4 for the filesystem and on my server, it flaked and I had to rebuild
with ext3.  So, with the storm moving in, I'll have plenty of time to try
from home (VPN).

I do appreciate the help ... just a tad frustrated at the moment.

Dave Hopkins
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