Edubuntu Meeting Notes - 2010-08-04

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) jonathan at
Wed Aug 4 20:09:30 UTC 2010


Below are some meeting notes from the Edubuntu Meeting from this afternoon:

== Present ==

• alkisg
• dinda
• highvoltage
• Lns
• dgroos
• pleia2
• uros01
• renglaji

== Technical ==

• Alpha 3 release is tomorrow, testing will be required
• Current image is broken, new image will be available that works early
• dinda talked to Martin Dougiamas about Moodle and the state of
packaging, we'll have to look at what we have to do to get that work in
ubuntu before featuer freeze
• discussion on and
whether it would be useful to include in Edubuntu. It would be useful in
small classrooms / homes but it doesn't have support for groups which
would make it somewhat useless for bigger environments
• Ubiquity enhancements (desktop chooser and ltsp installer) is making
some slight progress, should be in installer next week, although not
necessarilly very functional
• mhall119 is busy working on qimo gnome session, leaning towards
another solution that might just make qimo settings uneditable

== Community ==

• dinda pointed out flossinclude, which has some great info from all
around the world withcase study reports:
• renglaji is in the process of researching the possibility of starting
an Ubuntu/Edubuntu lab at a small school on the Tibetan plateau
• uros1 reports that they have 1104 Edubuntu schools deployed in the
Vracar municipality in Serbia!
10.04 LTS will be rolled out in October, Loco members are involved with
localization effort
• Waiting on sysadmins to change permissions on servers, they have been
busy recently but highvoltage will poke them again this week

== Next Meeting ==

Next meeting is 11 August 2010 at 20:00 UTC.

Feel free to add an agenda item at  followed by your name
so that we know who to poke :)


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