Meeting Notes - 2010-04-14

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) jonathan at
Wed Apr 14 20:03:02 UTC 2010

Hi Everyone

Thanks to those who keep attending these meetings, our community is 
starting to finally take shape, I think we have great potential for the 
next release cycle that will start in about a month or so!

The next meeting is at 19:00 UTC on 21 April 2010.

Notes from tonight's meeting:

14 April 2010

== Present ==

• lns
• alkisg
• grantbow
• highvoltage
• stgraber
• bencrisford
• grantbow
• nixternal
• lamont
• grantbow

== Technical ==

• We got mhall119's Qimo packages in Lucid!
• Live LTSP and Netbook installer now works (and needs testing!)
• bencrisford is working on qcad missing menu entry

== Community ==

• Hedgemage is working on website, will host email to forums gateway for 
now, we're still awaiting new branding from Canonical for website theme 
• bencrisford has been cleaning up advocacy team to get it into shape so 
that we can attract more contributors and users
• TODO: make decision about edubuntu school support team
• A mentoring approach could work to getting new contributors into 
Edubuntu, probably only on a small scale at this stage
• Advocacy branch is created in LP for working with marketing material 

== Homework ==

• Test LTSP live and live installer, also netbook installer from livecd!
• Make your list of maverick features you think could realistically make 
it into edubuntu for maverick or even maverick+1, we'll compare notes 
next meeting on gobby and turn it into a wiki page

Have lots of fun!


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