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Ace Suares ace at
Sat Sep 12 09:16:46 UTC 2009

Hi Oliver,

Thanks for your mail!

> it doesnt take a week to show up at
> the advantage is that votes and actions are specifically handled and
> that the bot only logs between the "startmeeting" and "endmeeting"
> commands ... so its way easier to read the log ...

First: startmeeting/endmeeting.

It's easier to read, but just as easy as to look up the time in the
irclogs and link to that specific minute. IF you want to take a look at
the last Meeting Log
THEN you will find a link to the raw log that starts exactly when the
meeting began ENDIF

Cons for using mootbot - someone has to not forget to say startmeeting
and endmeeting. I someone remembers after some time, then a part of the
meeting is not logged.

Pro's for using mootbot - voting registration, clear topics if there is
an ageanda, easy summarizing

Con: - someone has to have the discipline to use mootbot very concisely.
- someone needs to be chair. - backup chair is needed too.

Who wants to be chair of the next edubuntu meeting!?

Pro: - summarizing a meeting without mootbot is hell. - summarizing a
meeting without agenda, clear goals, chair, internal discussion
discipline is quadruple hell.

I don't think I will do a lot of summarizing in the near future. Maybe
the raw logs is just what we need from the meetings.... I don't know. It
seems that people got by in the majority of the past with just the raw logs.

> if you have specific questions, just ping Seeker in #ubuntu-scribes 

I'm on it :-)


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