Next Meeting: Fri Sep 11 17:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting

Ace Suares ace at
Fri Sep 11 17:07:49 UTC 2009

Jerome Gotangco wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 11, 2009 at 7:48 PM, Jordan Mantha <laserjock at> wrote:
>> How did you come to that conclusion? I wouldn't expect much response
>> to a simple meeting announcement. My general feeling is that people
>> are interested in Edubuntu meetings but availability can be an issue.
>> Most of us have day jobs, and often day jobs that don't lend
>> themselves to 1-2 hr IRC sessions. For this to work very well I think
>> there needs to be regular, scheduled, alternating meeting times like
>> we used to with the 12:00, 20:00 on Wednesday meetings. I think a
>> tightly focused meeting agend/schedule is important. Probably 1 hr
>> *max* meetings, even if that means pushing agenda items to the next
>> meeting.
> Not to mention there are actually some people also interested, but in
> the other side of the world.


I came to that conclusion since
- no one mentioned, untill now, that we should have  a better schedule
- no one made any agenda points
- the last meeting was or was not held, there where no meeting records ?


PS and it seems I'am alone in the channel too.

So what's a good schedule?

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