Development workflow, and official "Edubuntu PPA"'s...

Jonathan Carter jonathan at
Tue Nov 10 13:38:02 UTC 2009

Hi Scott

Scott Balneaves wrote:
> If you're not aware, I've decided to go for my MOTU-ship, so that I can
> directly update packages in Universe.  Now that we are allowed to put Universe
> packages on the DVD, seeing as we are our own distribution, this will make
> things much easier for us.  We can (as I understand it) demote most or all of
> the education-related apps to Universe, then nothing more than being a MOTU
> will be required to maintain Edubuntu.  This significantly lowers the barrier
> to entry.

Demoting all the required packages to Universe wouldn't be ideal (or
even possible), but for new packages it's certainly great that we can
include them from universe.

> Per LaserJock's suggestion, I'd like to propose that the developers, and the
> users, start taking advantage of this as the "Semi official" Edubuntu updates
> repo, over and above the official Ubuntu-sponsored updates.  It has several
> advantages:
> 1) Users who wish to receive "more frequent" updates may add the appropriate
>    PPA to their apt config, and gain the benefits.
> 2) Users who do NOT want to have anything other than the officially sponsored
>    updates can simply ignore this ppa.
> 3) People who would like to become Edubuntu developers have a much lower
>    barrier to entry.  After doing a bit of packaging or bugfixing work to prove
>    their worth, the Edubuntu Community Council can simply vote to have them as
>    part of the "edubuntu-dev" team.  This gives them access to the
>    "edubuntu-dev" PPA's.  If they choose, they can use their development work,
>    when they've done enough of it, to eventually apply for official MOTU-ship.
>    Or not, as they so choose.
> 4) It's a "well known address" where we can point people to to potentially
>    receive more frequent updates.
> To me, it seems like a good course of action.  By way of kicking it off, today
> I'll push up a new version of Sabayon to "Testing".  This new version will
> allow you to apply Sabayon profiles by group, in addition to the usual by-user.
> Thoughts?

I think it's brilliant, and contributions to the PPA's could be
sponsored for universe if needed and also count towards the person's
goal to become a MOTU if they wish to do so. It also allows developers
to get fixes to people with problems who are willing to test them
faster. I'm all for it and I think it could be a great aspect of the
Edubuntu development process.


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