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Germán Arias german at
Wed Mar 25 23:45:51 UTC 2009

El mar, 24-03-2009 a las 09:46 +0100, Néstor escribió:
> I think it might be more standard, with automatic language detection,
> but it looks good. I'm sure many
> people would help you if it was included in the distribution. 

The language detection isn't a problem. Currently you need set the
language, because FisicaLab have only localizable resources to English
and Spanish, and I don't put localizable resources to, for example,
GuatemalaSpanish, ArgentinaSpanish,.... That is exactly the same
resource to Spanish. But that isn't a problem, I can add linked folders
to Spanish, with names like GuatemalaSpanish.lproj,
ArgentinaSpanish.lproj, .... and the language will be detected

I don't know if there is languages like BritishEnglish,
AustralianEnglish, .... I need learn about these and put resources to
all variety of English and Spanish languages.


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