Wiki -> Docbook integration for the handbook

Ace Suares ace at
Thu Jul 23 17:38:13 UTC 2009

Scott Balneaves wrote:
> Hello all,
> So, after a discussion last night, we have some ideas regarding the handbook,
> the wiki, and how to tie the two together.

I think there is some real progress here :-)
I especially like the fact that the docbook and the wiki will be one.


> We have 3 goals with the handbook (in no particular order)
> 1) Try to make it as simple as possible to contribute to, so that average users
>    who are looking to help out with Edubuntu can make a contribution.
> 2) Clean up the wiki to make it a useful resource.
> 3) Have a source of offline, translatable docs for users with limited/no
>    internet access.
> To this end, the following suggestion has emerged:
> 1) Create a wiki instance, with a separate name from the regular wiki.  The
>    goal of the regular wiki is to provide topic based help, as opposed to the
>    handbook, which is a more "cover to cover" read.  Several names have been
>    suggested, including,, and
>  The idea with this
>    is to provide the necessary "separation" from the regular topic based help.
>    We'd have to liase with CIS to make this happen.
> 2) We'd initially load the wiki instance with current handbook information.
>    General topic areas we'd like to see:
>    a) Edubuntu-specific documentation (what is it, installing stuff, etc.)
>    b) guide to using Education apps (specifically, how to
>       use them in education)
>    c) classroom management
>    And others as they come up.  We'd need some kind of structure document, and
>    style guidelines to guide new users along.
> 3) We'd use moin's wiki -> docbook export function to then (at a suitable
>    distance before release to allow translators time to translate the docs)
>    have scripts/magic goo to pull the wiki information, convert to docbook, and
>    then build edubuntu-docs packages from there, where they'd integrate into
>    the existing yelp documentation.
> This would satisfy the three requirements, and has the following benefits:
> 1) It means I don't have to spend time obsessiing over handbook docbook
>    structure, but rather can simply obsess over wiki structure, which results
>    in someone caring for the wiki on a regular basis.
> 2) Contributing to the handbook becomes as easy as editing a wiki.
> I don't think getting the script structure in place is viable for karmic, but
> we may be able to get the wiki in place, with an eye for getting docbookable
> content for karmic+1.  As well, there's the issue of writing the scripts, and
> all the glue associated, but that's just a programming excercise, and in my
> view, not a significant hurdle.
> I'd suggest we discuss it here, further, and finally at the next meeting.
> In case it's not obvious, I'm willing to spearhead this to make it happen.
> Thoughts?
> Cheers,
> Scott

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