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Thu Jan 15 00:31:03 UTC 2009

Yeah, I was mainly thinking about universe when creating this list,
but whatever we can MIR is of course beneficial. Quanta pulls in an
unbelievable amount of dependencies (202mb!), mostly kde related
stuff, but it seems much too bloated. I dont have much experience
running the mind map apps, but I know they are really important in
schools and universities today. We should get some feedback from
users, as to which is preferrable.

kind Regards,
David Van Assche

On Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 5:30 PM, Jordan Mantha <laserjock at> wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 6, 2009 at 8:50 AM, David Van Assche <dvanassche at> wrote:
>> yeah, those are my thoughts and experiences as well. Teaching kompozer
>> is far easier and more logical taking web design as a full subject
>> comprised of both programming and design. At a younger age, its
>> doubtful they'd be playing with php/perl/ruby/whatever. The other
>> option is wine+dreamweaver, but that's a proprietary solution (albeit
>> the best one.)
> If you had to choose between kompozer and quanta what would you pick?
>> Taking this a bit further, here's a list of other apps that I think
>> might have a future in edubuntu. (Be it by means of MIR or getting
>> edubuntu to accept universe apps.) It by no means they should be
>> included, I just wanted to open a discussion about them. Feel free to
>> add to them:
> I've got my own little list at:
> You've added some good thoughts here. We should probably narrow our
> focus down to a handful of the best apps that compliment what we've
> already got in Main (i.e. don't duplicate but are filling out the
> existing selection). Now that we plan to have Universe app bundles as
> well shouldn't feel so much pressure to move everything into Main. We
> also need to start putting together our lists for the Universe app
> bundles (Preschoo, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary).
>> Squeak
> We need to find some people who are willing to work with Squeak. So
> far I've been the only person maintaining it and I don't use it nor
> Smalltalk so I really feel someone better able to test, etc. should be
> looking after it. We can, I think, basically take Debian's package
> here but it should be tested.
>> Blender
> This is a good one to look at. It looks like it'd take bringing in a
> few libs to Main but not too awful perhaps. I'm a little concerned
> about stepping on Ubuntu Studio's toes on it though. Right now since
> it's in Universe any of their MOTUs can upload but if we bring it into
> Main we'd severely limit the number of people who can upload. Perhaps
> for Jaunty we might just keep it in a Universe app bundle?
>> Bluefish
> Yeah, let's get this one.
>> Stopmotion
> Same situation as with blender but perhaps easier to get into Main.
>> Celestia
> Has what looks to be some Gtk1 dependencies which are a no-no for
> Main. Perhaps we could fix that.
>> Gnu Solfege - Music training
> Needs JACK and timidity, non-trivial.
>> kgeography - already in main
>> klettres - already in main
> These have been dropped/replaced in KDE 4
>> Linux Letters and Numbers
> Last upload in Debian was 2006-11-29. While it's not got any non-Main
> deps or open bugs I wonder if it would be wise to put a dead project
> in Main.
>> Stellarium
> This one looks straightforward and I'd like to see this one make it.
> It's got 11 open bugs in Ubuntu, including some crashers. We'd need to
> look into those.
>> Freeciv
> Don't have any immediate objections. I'm not sure if it would be
> widely desired in educational settings. Perhaps we can get some
> feedback from edubuntu-users on that.
>> gbrainy
> Yeah, looks like a great idea.
>> pyscrabble
> Looks promising. Has a few crasher bugs and will require getting
> pygame into Main, which isn't bad.
>> salasaga - create e learning objects, output flash...
> Interesting idea. It looks pretty new, the homepage says it's alpha
> software. Also the person who maintains it in Debian just became a
> MOTU, I'd hate to take away his ability to upload it just now. I think
> it'd be a good candidate for a Universe app bundle.
>> pdfeditor
> Do you mean pdfedit? If so then it's possible but it seems like it's
> not very educational-user friendly
>> kivio
> This is already in Main (nice) but requires koffice-libs. It would be
> great for the edubuntu-desktop-kde metapackage though.
>> Labyrinth - Mind map
> freemind, labyrinth, and vym are all mind mapping tools that we could
> go for. freemind and vym seem more popular based on popcon results,
> which would be better for educational settings?
>> Audacity
> Would need JACK in Main and would need to be updated to use wxgtk 2.8
> I think. Also used by Ubuntu Studio. perhaps best as Universe app
> bundle.
>> Jokosher
> Looks like a good option. Only needs gnonlin to be brought in to Main
> as well. It's got 15 open bugs, a number of crashers, but I think it's
> pretty popular.
> Thanks a lot for looking into these.
> -Jordan
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