replacement for screem

David Van Assche dvanassche at
Mon Jan 5 12:39:41 UTC 2009

We've been talking a bit about replacing screem for a better
html/php/javascript editor. There are various choices that come to
mind, and it probably makes sense to vote on here about which would be
the best to support. In my experience there are 2 types of editors
that people are interested in, the WYSIWYG kind, and the coder/hacker
type. The first type is usually wanted by general web designers, and
the second for developers. I think edubuntu, as it is aimed at schools
should really have a nice WYSIWYG editor, but the only one that is
kind of usable right now is kompozer, and to me it seems buggy as
hell. Bluefish would be my vote for a developer based editor, but it
may be too complex for schools. On the other hand, if we think of
these editors as different animals, then we might be able to choose
one which is WYSIWYG based, and the other code based... What are
people's thoughts?

Some possible choices include Quanta Plus, Kompozer, Bluefish, Amaya,
and Sea Monkey.

kind Regards,
David Van Assche

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