Program to address teacher's need of managing student users' permissions

David Groos djgroos at
Sat Feb 14 17:15:30 UTC 2009

Hi All,

I'm a teacher working to establish a thin client setup in my classroom which
upon success will be immediately replicated in 2 other science classrooms.
While the district (Minneapolis Public Schools) is supporting my efforts,
they don't know Linux so I'm on my own--with you-all as back up!  My goal is
create a flexible hardware/software/pedagogical model that will be
replicated in all Minneapolis public schools and anyplace where the kids are
economically the neediest and of course anywhere else.  My blog
http://groosd.blogspot reports the tip of the iceberg of my efforts to get
this working.

As a teacher properly manages computer user permissions in class, students
grow in responsible use of this resource.  While there are some students who
follow the rules when told, others like to explore and test limits.  Having
a process to manage what students can do on the computers and rewarding
students who use the resources responsibly, brings everyone together,
allowing for a creative, collaborative and hard working classroom of

>From what I've heard and read on line, there was an excellent GUI program
Sabayon which was designed to do just this.  Apparently this isn't being
maintained and it doesn't work in Hardy or Intrepid.  I've seen that some
including LaserJock have worked some on this lately but don't know of

Andreas Olsson and Jordan Mantha and others suggested making a simple script
to manage group permissions, a great way to solve this need.  Andreas said
he would write this script in PERL (his strength) as a proof of concept as
well as to meet my class' immediate need.  Comments? thoughts?

Thanks for all of your work; it makes my work possible.

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