Meeting Minutes 2009-12-29

Jonathan Carter jonathan at
Tue Dec 29 20:22:37 UTC 2009


Here are some notes from tonight's meeting, I'm incredibly sleep so I
might have missed some things, feel free to expand on anything if I

29 December 2998:

== Present ==

• Alkis Georgopoulos (alkisg)
• Jordan Ericksson (Lns)
• Stéphane Graber (stgraber)
• Susan Steward (HedgeMadge)
• moldy (René Fleschenberg)
• Jonathan Carter (highvoltage)

== Edubuntu Bug Day ==

• Scheduled for 12 January
• Ubuntu Alpha 2 is on 14 January
• Drop list- look at packages that are in a really bad shape and
either drop it or fix it
  ∘ Start a wiki page for this
  ∘ Use popcon to gauge how popular these packages are
• Test specifically:
  ∘ Sabayon

== Technical ==

• kolorpaint4 vs gpaint
  ∘ gpaint is quite buggy, has no current maintainer
  ∘ gpaint doesn't match kolorpaint4 in functionality
  ∘ kde libs is no biggie since we ship it anyway
  ∘ kolorpaint4 will now replace gpaint in edubuntu
• Sabayon status
  ∘ sabayon works great, but
  ∘ gksu is broken, sbalneav will fix
• Edubuntu Netbook Spec:
• Website changes:
  ∘ Get new theme
  ∘ Interview users
• Thin Client Manager (tcm)
  ∘ Lots of work to be done
• alkisg has a script to share an edubuntu dvd over NFS, can be run
from a liveCD
• Next meeting: 19:00 UTC on 6 January 2009

And please update your free time availablilty on doodle:

Happy new year to everyone! Hope 2010 will be just great!


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