Meeting Notes (If you didn't attend, please read)

Jonathan Carter jonathan at
Wed Dec 23 20:44:45 UTC 2009


Below is a summary of what we discussed during tonight's Edubuntu
meeting. If anything is missing or if you have any questions, feel
free to reply to this thread.

= Meeting Notes =

== Agenda ==

 * New Edubuntu Council
 * Technical updates (FeatureFreeze is early February)
  * LTSP Live
  * Edubuntu menu editor
  * Netbook edition
  * Artwork
  * Sabayon Status
  * Nanny
  Liaison with other projects (Qimo, Guadalinex, Sugar, ...)
  Edubuntu website
Wiki Hug Day
Other businesses ?

== Present ==

mgariepy: Marc Gariepy
stgraber: Stephane Graber
nixternal: Richard Johnson
sbalneav: Scot Balneaves
alkisg: Alkis: Alkis Georgopoulos
highvoltage: Jonathan Carter
mhall119: Michael Hall

== New Edubuntu Council ==

Alkis Georgopoulos, Jonathan Carter, Jordan Erickson, Richard Johnson,
Scott Balneaves and Stephane Graber.

== Technical ==

 * Stephane and Jonathan is now the new release contacts for Edubuntu

Live DVD:

 * Stephane contacted Colin Watsone with regard to the Live CD Chroot,
the plan is to have an LTSP chroot available on the LiveCD ready for
use and then a script would run that installs optional packages that
are shipped on the DVD (dhcpd, tftpd, etc) and then configure LTSP at
the users request. An installer hook would be necessary to configure
this for installation as well.
 * sbalneav notes objections to livedvd lts:
   1. It's going to use a lot of space on the DVD that could be used
for either langpacks, which brings edubuntu to a wider audience, or
could be used for more softaware/content (i.e. moodle plus course
   straber: having the live cd means that we can cut back on alternate
installation which saves space
   2. The performance is going to suck, and some people may draw
inferences between what a livecd gives them versus a "real" ltsp
install, performance wise (i.e. "eugh, this sucks we can't run a lab
like this")
   highvoltage: for Live LTSP, the squashfs could be copied to a tmpfs
if there's enought RAM available
 * highvoltage: If LTSP LiveCD installer hooks aren't avhievable for
Lucid, having a script that installs or configure it from the Edubuntu
menu after installation is another possible option


 * Edubuntu menu editor spec:,
mgariepy is currently working on that, the UI is about 85% finished
 * stgraber has been talking to asanchez from Guadalinex, he will
provide some example menus for the menu editor

Edubuntu for Netbooks:

 * Edubuntu for netbooks, add more optional packages for the Edubuntu
DVD that would make the target system configured for a netbook
(maximus, netbook launcher, etc) through the installer. highvoltage
volunteers for spec
 * alkisg: perhsaps the liveDVD could be configured to install remote
systems via netboot. This may need some further investigation. At the
worst, a wiki page on how to configure it manually would be good. A
script could be included to simplify things.


 * gartoon icon theme has become dated. Kids like it but older people
find it too child-like. It could still be included by default but it's
probably a good idea to get a new default icon theme. breathe icon
theme is quite nice.
 * Mads Rosendahl did the artwork for the Ubuntu LDM theme, it's
really nice, he's willing to contribute more artwork, we should get
him to do so


 * sbalneav has gotten Sabayon to the point where teachers will be
able to use it actively, and usefully
 * In the past two months sbalneav added apply-by-group, fixed all the
crasher bugs, integrated it with Pessulus properly, and written a
manual for it
 * sbalneav is now a Gnome developer! \o/


 * Nanny has been uploaded in the last few days, it's not part of the
Parental Controls spec
but it has real code already

Archive Re-organisation:

 * edubuntu-dev group exists, members in this group would get upload
rights to edubuntu packages. perhaps we'll have a system where
edubuntu-dev members vote on who may become an edubuntu-dev member?
Some things have to be done from the Canonical side to make it active,
admins will be poked after holidays.

Hug days:

We need hug days to sort out some long-standing issues!

 * wiki hug day - 21 January 2009
 * bugs hug day - 12 January 2009
 * docs hug day -  Will be scheduled some other time
  * nixternal will get edubuntu-docs stuff rolling to prepare for some hugging

Edubuntu website:

 * highvoltage wants to go with Wordpress because he likes it more,
stgraber talked some sense into him
 * highvoltage will update drupal installation
 * we'll add block for planet Ubuntu

== Liaison with other projects (Qimo, Guadalinex, Sugar) ==

 * We're losing our sugar packages, see:
 * stgraber has a good relationship with Guidalinex through their
company Isotrol
 * highvoltage is assigned for relationship with Qimo

Let's blog about areas that need work so that we can attract
contributors fot those areas such as sugar.

== Next Meeting ==

 * 29 December 19:00 UTC

And if you haven't read this far, I'll send another reminder for that
meeting to the list :)

Happy holidays!


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