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Scott Balneaves sbalneav at
Mon Dec 21 19:17:02 UTC 2009

On Mon, Dec 21, 2009 at 01:05:38PM -0600, Richard JOHNSON wrote:
> Hey everyone!
> First off, congratulations to the new Edubuntu Council. I look forward to
> working with each and everyone of you in making Edubuntu the greatest
> educational distribution available.

With an email title like "Edubuntu and beyond!" I really feel as if I should
have a cape, and a set of tights with a large letter emblazoned on the front.

Well, maybe not the tights.

> I have recently gone through the and noticed that
> it is a bit incomplete as well as a bit out-of-date. Maybe one thing we can
> look at is a "Edubuntu Docs/Wiki Day" where we can hopefully get some
> people from inside and outside of the Edubuntu community contributing. One
> thing I would definitely like to see is a Edubuntu/Todo page for Lucid to
> track work which can also be tracked by the Desktop Team [1]. We can borrow
> the layout from Kubuntu/Todo/Lucid, and I would be happy to get that going
> if everyone agrees on it.

Yeah.  That would be awesome.  The handbook needs to be brought up to date as
well, and I'm beginning to look though and quantify some of our bugs as well.

As part of my "Make Lucid Stable" campaign, I've been heavily working on
Sabayon lately, so Teachers with class labs will have an effective desktop
management tool.  What I'd really like us to do is (somehow) pick our top (x)
bugs we'd like to get fixed for Lucid.  Since it's long term, I'd love to focus
on stability at this point.


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