I want Deploy open source software here in Ghana

Boateng Ebenezer boaeben at gmail.com
Sun Oct 19 09:38:52 UTC 2008

Dear Jordan,

Thank you very much for you advice and I appreciate it. Am good in
linux stuff especialy debian and ubuntu software use it all the time.
Please how can I get CDs to share to those who come to my center.  I
have Internet but is not fast which download 650mb file in day.  You
can also read more about my organization am working with, please this
is link http://rcempowerment.org/publications.html

Please am going work with you guys one and one to get more ideas to
implement open source project in organization.

Best regards and keep well.


2008/10/18 Jordan Erickson <jerickson at logicalnetworking.net>:
> Hi Boateng,
> The only thing I can think of to suggest for you is to set up an
> Ubuntu/Edubuntu system and showcase what it can do. Thin-client / LTSP is a
> great way to show people what you can do if you have older hardware that
> cannot be used effectively with Microsoft-based products, but can be
> "recycled" into thin-clients in an Ubuntu/Edubuntu LTSP network. I would
> suggest looking through https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP (the
> documentation section especially) and seeing what might raise interest in
> your area.
> As far as educational applications go, the Edubuntu suite would be perfect
> it seems. You can simply install the applications, learn how they work, and
> then show them to others. Children are a great means of convincing other
> "powers that be" about the benefit of open-source and "alternate" operating
> systems, as they are generally more willing to learn new things.
> I applaud your mission and wish you luck! Please keep in contact and let us
> know how things are going. We'll be here to help you along the way!
> Cheers from the other side of the planet,
> Jordan
> Boateng Ebenezer wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> AM Boateng Ebenezer  from Ghana and work with rural community
>> empowerment center as I.T Manager and also have open wireless project
>> in Ghana which called Wireless Ghana Project as Technical Director.
>> We formed the Linux User Group in my organization for year my center
>> but the programme didn't sustain because of most people here like
>> Microsoft and they are use to it. That why join this forum to get more
>> ideas how I can run successful User group my institution.
>> I targeted all school in Ghana to be use open source software but
>> don't know where to start from.  Please I need more suggestions on
>> this.
>> I saw on forum that they are plan to deploy education programme like
>> (Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Geography,.
>> This is good point for us in Ghana.
>> Sincerely.
>> Boateng

I.T manager
P.O. Box AD 79
Adukrom - Akuapem
Ghana, West Africa.
+233 24 495 5324

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