Creating deb package of MIT's programming environment for kids (Squeak based)

Jordan Mantha laserjock at
Mon Oct 13 15:30:14 UTC 2008

On Mon, Oct 13, 2008 at 12:26 AM, Caroline Ford
< at> wrote:
>> I'm 99.9% certain they used to have a BSD-style license so maybe you
>> can get an earlier copy of the image.
> I've closed the bug unless anyone can find the BSD licensed version.
> We don't package non-free software.

Just a little correction here. We do package non-free software, we
just put it in the Multiverse repository and can't distribute it on
the Edubuntu CD. Note that currently Squeak itself is non-free and in
Multiverse so Scratch would have to go there anyway until we have a
free Squeak (Debian's Squeak VM is free apparently, but it's a svn
snapshot, completely different packaging, and I didn't have time in
Hardy to work out all the bugs of switching).

I've been the unofficial squeak maintainer for a couple years, but I
don't use it at all and there are a lot of peculiarities to Squeak,
enough that I really think a person who uses and knows squeak should
be maintaining it. It's a relatively important educational subclass of
packages since OLPC is using it and there are projects such as
Squeakland and Scratch that would be great to get to educators.
Perhaps we can find somebody who's using Ubuntu (of any kind) and
Squeak who would be willing to learn some packaging. I'd be happy to
help get them going, but unless someone steps forward I doubt I'm
going to have time to do much with squeak.


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