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Mon May 19 12:02:03 UTC 2008


2008/5/19 Dagfinn Stangeland <jodgipost at>:
> After a vanilla install of edubuntu 8.04 LTSP server the clients boot but
> I'm unable to log onto the server.
> The message on the clients is (possibly paraphased): "This workstation is
> not authorised to log onto the server."
> This message occurs when trying to log on as myself (default admin) and
> dummy user accounts created on the server.
> I've sniffed around the documentation without finding hints on how to fix
> this.
> I use only one NIC on the server machine and I use the default dhcpd.conf.
> Clues, anyone?

You need update ssh key in the LTSP environnment

run: ltsp-update-sshkey && ltsp-update-image


Emmanuel Le Normand
Ubuntu-fr / Edubuntu-fr

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