Devang Desai at
Thu Mar 27 14:14:13 UTC 2008


Am located in India, and am here basically to learn more about Edubuntu 
and thin clients...

Well, we are just setting up a new 35-machine computer lab in our school 
for kids from Nursery to Grade V, for which Edubuntu seems to be a good 
choice with its variety of educational software.

We have our old Celeron and P3 machines that have been planned to re-use 
as thin clients under Windows Server. A new server machine will be 
purchased and the lab shall have completely new networking.

I am myself using Edubuntu server on my home PC for almost a year, and 
find it much superior to Windows. However, I find it difficult to 
recommend it for my school lab, since the thin client technology is a 
bit tricky. More so, since we will have clients with different hardware 

Since I am a newbie, can this mailing list provide help on installation 
and troubleshooting problems on thin clients?

Please help.



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