Documentation for Hardy

Jordan Mantha mantha at
Mon Jan 28 07:11:07 UTC 2008

Another issue that was brought up at the last meeting [0] was that we
haven't had any commits to the Edubuntu documentation [1] since 7.10 was

At a minimum we need to make sure that the existing docs are updated to
8.04. This primarily involves working on the Edubuntu Handbook[2]. I'm
assuming, but Oliver could enlighten us perhaps, that the LTSP parts
haven't changed significantly since 7.10. However, the CD structure and
installation parts will definitely need to be updated. Anything else?

A consideration that came up during the meeting is that since the LTSP
packages have been moved to the Ubuntu Alt .iso for 8.04 that perhaps
the LTSP documentation should be similarly shifted to the Ubuntu
documentation's domain. I haven't discussed this with anybody else in
the doc team but what do people think? It could be quite a bit of work
so it would depend on somebody willing to do it.

There's also a massive amount of Edubuntu wiki pages on
and . If anybody is interested in helping with
a cleanup project I think it'd be an excellent way to get involved and
give a little back to Edubuntu. If you're interested send a note on
edubuntu-devel and we can start working on updating the TODO list [3].
We can also use help in adding some of the great support going on on
edubuntu-users by Gavin and others to the wikis so we have a better
reference for people to use [4,5].


[0] btw, everybody is invited to the Edubuntu meetings. They are every
Wednesday at alternating times, 12:00 and 20:00 UTC, on the
#ubuntu-meeting IRC channel on You can check for the time of the next meeting (12:00 UTC
this week)


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