Video Problem with D945GCLF Board (not previsouly resolved)

infiniti_guy infiniti_guy at
Fri Aug 22 19:48:02 UTC 2008

I am having a problem with X for intel board D945GCLF which uses the 945GC
chipset containing GMA950 graphics. The board does not work with standard
LTSP as is on Ubuntu Hardy. Note: I do have a working installation that load
just fine for other client boxes (Via C7 and other intel and amd based
boards, so you can assume that the ltsp setup is a good one).

There was only one post on this subject which references an lts.conf setting
in the edubuntu general list:

That setting alone was not enough to get any functionality out of the
board... The board can be made somewhat functional by doing the following: 

1) upgrade your client environment build packages
2) install .24-19 kernel in client environment
3) rebuild the client image
4) update ltsp kernels
5) use the lts.conf X_CONF = /etc/X11/xorg.conf setting (from above post
refernece by Asmo Koskinen) 
Re: #5, using default XSERVER setting, it does not load ldm, using i810
XSERVER setting, it does not load ldm, the only way to get it to work is to
specify the xorg.xonf file as shown.

After this is done, it sort of works (e.g. no kernel panic, no hangs, no
modprobe abnormal exit, etc.), but there are still some issues:

i) I get a wierd script on the screen (looks like content form xorg.conf
file contents from the X_CONF setting) before ldm loads and after session
logout, this is undesireable and looks very strange (for users).
ii) when performing a shutdown (from ldm after logout) I get a solid color
grey screen instead of video off and I do not believe video is actually
turned off properly on the client box.

I believe both of these issues are related to the xorg.conf file set by
X_CONF. I.e. somethng is still not quite right with the video settings. 

Anyone know how to fix this? 

Thanx :-)

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