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Sat Sep 29 01:06:22 UTC 2007

susanta barman wrote:
> Thanks,
> I am Susanta Barman. Live in Kurigram District of Bangladesh. I love Linux.
> When I found Edubuntu I feel very lucky. Cause it is a learning related OS.
> I am a Bangla Language teacher for 5 years. I wish if we have a Learning OS
> in Bangla it must be very nice. I am not a programmer. So I want to help
> Edubuntu team to make it available in Bangla.
> Thanks again.
> susanta
Hi Susanta,
You should look at the Ankur Bangla project.

It looks like they already have a system that runs Bangla, and Edubuntu 
should be able to reuse a lot of that work.


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