Justification in using Edubuntu instead of Windows

nigel barker tech at hiroshima-is.ac.jp
Thu Oct 4 03:26:54 UTC 2007

I share these struggles. I can't pretend to be winning, but at the 
moment some kind of cease fire is in place. I am sending (off list) a 
document I created for parents that might give you some ideas. It has a 
few stats in it.

I am noticing a few kids struggling with .docx (word2007) at the moment, 
and I'm expecting it to cause the next dam burst!
It would be good if OOo could wade through OOXML enough to implement it 
soon, even if it didn't become an ISO standard.


Isaiah wrote:
> I am the IT Director at a private elementary school. I converted the
> majority of my schools computers over to Edubuntu during the course of the
> summer after much research for an open source robust replacement for
> Windows. They have been working perfectly once I figured out how to do what
> I needed to do. I have given the Teachers basic training on how to utilize
> the system. However, I am now hearing complaints from the teachers. Their
> main complaint is that Edubuntu is not a good tool for the children to use
> because it is not what is being used in the corporate world and everyday
> life. They are under the impression that the children will be at a
> disadvantage if they ever have to use a Windows environment. I, myself, can
> come up with a number of reasons to discourage this type of reasoning, but I
> was hoping to have some hard evidence to stand on. I would also love to have
> some help from you guys/gals in eradicating this way of thinking. Are they
> any numbers available as to how many school systems are using Edubuntu?
> Thanks for your time.
> Isaiah

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