Does open source make life easy??????

monteslu at monteslu at
Tue Nov 13 18:20:45 UTC 2007

---- Matt Sealey <matt at> wrote: 

> I disagree. As someone once said, Linux is only free if your time has no
> value. You may save money by downloading Free software (or even Free
> Software or even open source software or Open Source software - take
> your pick :) but sometimes, and most often, it takes a lot more effort
> to get it to the point where you can integrate it into your organisation.
> This is especially true if you are NOT on a Linux development team helping
> to code and produce the software at hand :)

And commercial software requires no time to install and configure? Once the cash is exchanged everything just works?

Linux is free whether or not you value your time. The other meme is counter productive flamebait. The "someone" was likely trying to sell something.


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