Edubuntu Installation / Dual Boot Problem

Theresa rockprinzess at
Wed May 30 18:09:36 UTC 2007

Hello everyone,

good news I've finally got Feisty working! But Gavin, your workaround with the 
server install cd didn't work for me. I only had the edgy server install cd 
with me, as I only downloaded the desktop cd for feisty, but i guess it 
shouldn't be any different if I only wanted to reinstall Grub.
Reinstalling Grub worked but when I rebooted the machine, Grub didn't appear 
so Windows XP started automatically. Then I decided to boot again from the 
server install Edgy cd and installed Edgy from scratch.  it was absolutely no 
problem with the text-based installer configuring the / partition as 
bootable. 30 minutes or so later I finally had a working Edgy, and now Grub 
appears when the machine is booted. :D

On another note, I've read somewhere that I can configure grub so that Windows 
XP is listed first and then Edubuntu. Any idea where I can edit that? 
Otherwise people will be confused when they can't access their windows, so I 
guess if Windows was at the top position it will make it easier for the 
non-edubuntu users.

I then changed all sources in the sources.list to Feisty and made an 
dist-upgrade. This took quite long (longer than installing Edgy), and voila 
now I have a working Feisty with a dualbooted Windows XP. I'm soooo glad I 
got it working now.
I've noticed that the old edgy Kernel is still listed in the grub boot menu, 
can I get rid of that somehow or is it necessary to have it?!

All the best, and thanks for reading!


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