should ldm warn about multiple logins?

Jim Kronebusch jim at
Fri May 11 15:49:42 UTC 2007

> it seems one or two of our users are logging in from multiple thin clients.
> Any time I've done this, even temporarily, I immediately see bug-buddy pop
> up as some evolution calendar component segfaults.  I'm sure also that
> firefox, gnome, etc. are not happy for multiple sessions to run on one
> profile.  Sometimes the earlier session is a dead one lying around,
> sometimes the user has forgotten they had another login and sometimes they
> just don't realise this is a bad idea.
> I wonder would it be possible to (perhaps optionally) have ldm
> 1. prompt for username/password
> 2. ssh in and check for existing sessions on the server
> 3. if another session exists give a warning and offer to either
>    a. kill the existing session
>    b. abort this session
>    c. carry on regardless
> 4. ssh in and start session as normal.
> I can put this in launchpad if it's realistic.  I'd just like a few
> opinions on whether this is sane or silly first.

There was a post regarding more intuitive messages with LDM on the ltsp-discuss list so
I posted the request to get the above added in.  The only post I received back so far
was that GDM handles the multiuser login problems already.  I don't know if that is true
or not, maybe it is worth looking into.

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