Login Screen Extremely Distorted

Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at gmail.com
Mon May 7 10:57:15 UTC 2007

Hi Owen,

On Mon, 07 May 2007, Owen Bonney wrote:

> Short answer:  No.

I think I might have missed your first post.  Reading this email it looks
like you have issues logging in after upgrade to Feisty.  Is that correct?

> After the update I now get:
> Edubuntu flash screen
> progress bar
> logon username - accepts "Enter"
> logon password - accepts "Enter"
> hangs.
> Mouse pointer works.
> No buttons or keys do anything.
> Monitor shows Edubuntu background colour first seen with the initial flash
> screen.
> To get out of this state, shut down computer is the only way.

It sounds like you have a problem with some confused gnome settings and
gnome is failing to start up as a result.

You may need a little command line action to resolve this.  I'd suggest:

0. Boot up and don't login.
1. Hold <CTRL><ALT> and press <F1>, you should get a text terminal.
2. Login with your usual username and password
3. Type the following commands:
	mkdir oldgnomesettings
	mv .gconf .gconfd .gnome2 .gnome .gnome2_private .nautilus .metacity oldgnomesettings/
4. Hold <CTRL><ALT> and press <F7>, you should get back to the login
5. Try logging in.

this will move all your gnome settings out of the way and let gnome
recreate them afresh.

Let us know how you get on,

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